The Navigating Consent series consists of two paths of six classes each:

1) Claiming Your Consent: About Surviving
2) Honoring Others’ Consent: About Transgressing

                Sign up (coming soon) for the full series of six classes or come for the classes you are able. 

Class 1:  Collisions & Coercions

  • Who are we and what are we doing here?
  • Exploring ranges of violence and coercion.
  • How do we want our lives to be?
  • How will we get from here to there?

Class 2:  Roles We Play

  • Roles we were taught, Roles we were assigned
  • Roles we play in sex & life
  • What do roles have to do with power and safety?

Class 3:  Communication & Conflict

  • Communication Skills
  • Noticing defensiveness
  • Win-Win solutions

Class 4:  Negotiation & Consent

  • How do we get comfy and sexy, while making room for feedback, disagreements, listening to others, & expressing our own ideas and fantasies?
  • Noticing the power of body language.

Class 5:  Making it Better

  • Interventions & Accountability
  • Practicing hard conversations
  • Softening exercises

Class 6:  Recovery and Resilience

  • Taking care of ourselves & each other
  • Supporting our communities
  • Building a culture of consent