Join Dossie Easton, Ms. WillowKat, and their team of dedicated and compassionate educators for our Fifth Round of The Ethical Slut Presents: Navigating Consent Series. Classes will be starting this coming Spring 2020.

We are offering twelve classes to the community, teaching some of what we know about sexual sanity, consent, collaboration, cooperation, and how to make safe spaces and protect yourselves and each other.

Six of these classes will be offered to people who have been violated or fear violation; the other six for those who have or fear they might violate.

The goal is to move forward from wherever we may be today into a safer, saner, sexier, and more consensual future.

Classes in the two series are offered on alternate weeks, beginning with our Survivor series and followed by our Transgressor series.

A new round of classes will be starting Spring 2020. Location and Times to be announced.
Our sign up form is open for anyone interested in joining us for round four.

Good Consent Makes Wilder Sex Possible!

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