The Ethical Slut Presents: Navigating Consent Online

– Round Eight – Beginning Monday, February 21st, 2022 –

– 6pm – 9pm Pacific Time –

Registration Is Open

We are indefinitely postponing our In-Person Series and are excited to be offering our Classes Online.

Classes In Each Track Are Offered Alternately Each Week –  join us for any or all of the classes in one track each round.

Join Dossie EastonMs WillowKat, and our team of dedicated and compassionate educators for the Eighth Round of The Ethical Slut Presents: Navigating Consent Series.

We are offering twelve highly interactive classes to the community, teaching about sexual sanity, consent, collaboration, cooperation, and how to make safe spaces and protect yourselves and each other.

Six of these classes will be offered to people who have been violated or fear violation, the other six for those who have or fear they might violate.

We are excited to be able to continue to offer this unique workshop series to our friends across the country and around the world in this online format.

The goal is to move forward from wherever we may be today into a safer, saner, sexier, and more consensual future.

The Navigating Consent series consists of two tracks:
1) Claiming Your Consent: About Surviving
2) Honoring Others’ Consent: About Transgressing

Sign up for one track of six classes and come for whichever classes you are able. Signups will remain open throughout the series. 

Click Here for more information on the classes.

Our sign up form is open for anyone interested in joining us online for round eight.

Clear Consent Makes Wilder Sex Possible!

Next Steps…

Registration for the series is now open. Complete as much as you are able and we will be in touch.

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