Navigating Consent Online


We are here because we want to learn about consent and coercion.

We are not here to judge anyone for what they have done in the past.

We will treat each other with respect.

  • No blaming, no shaming.
  • No verbal aggression.
  • No physical aggression.

Aggression is not allowed in this space.

We are here to make a safe space to talk about intimate sexual matters. In doing this work on-line we agree confidentiality is critical. Our boundary is no audio, video, screenshot, or any recording whatsoever. If you are joining us, you are certifying you are 18 or over and you are holding a space of visual and sound privacy for yourself and others. 

We agree to keep what we hear of other people’s stories confidential.

What is shared in this space stays in this space.

We are here to look at the ways we struggle with power and sexuality.

We agree to support each other as we learn,

And respect others even if we disagree.

We believe that we all have the capacity to learn, change, grow and heal.


Navigating Consent is a registered 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible.